Stream queries

List of factors resulting in resource cursor update

Note that some updates though potentially could be interpreted as other resource updates as well, i.e. category name changes could result in updates of both product and category tree cursors, are limited to the specific resource to limit the overall amount of updates.

This is by design since a potentially small change could cause a snowball effect - one, simple category name change, could cause the need to reimport all products in the system, etc.


  • product created

  • product property updated

    • attribute value

    • product added or removed from a category

    • template assignment

    • a variant has been added or removed

    • grouped product has been added or removed

  • product added to a segment

  • variable product variant added to a segment

  • grouping product grouped product added to a segment

  • product related in product relation attribute added to a segment


  • attribute created

  • attribute property updated

    • name

    • metadata

    • option added, modified, or removed from an attribute

    • unit attribute unit

    • price attribute currency

    • textarea attribute richEdit property


  • category created

  • category property updated

    • name

    • attribute value


  • category tree created

  • category tree property updated

    • name

    • category tree structure


  • multimedia created

  • multimedia property updated

    • name

    • folder assignment

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