Error codes

The list of possible error codes to occur in course of executing API mutations.


  • 128f9cb0-28bd-4843-a570-d2bd4671c495 The resource is referenced from other resources.

  • e78b3ed7-db49-4e81-9f29-ecc2985072f4 Currency is not supported.

  • 79876042-fe47-4035-ba10-ce07706433fd Template with given TemplateCode does not exist.

  • 4b5f8783-1273-4ddb-8e05-e0ecf685d924 Unit with given UnitName does not exist.

  • 9ff3fdc4-b214-49db-8718-39c315e33d45 Too short input value.

  • d94b19cc-114f-4f44-9cc4-4138e80a87b9 Too long input value.

  • c1051bb4-d103-4f74-8988-acbcafc7fdc3 The input value cannot be blank.

  • ea4e51d1-3342-48bd-87f1-9e672cd90cad The numeric value is too low.

  • 1a9da513-2640-4f84-9b6a-4d99dcddc628 Value is not a valid date format.

  • d6d40d78-bf28-4773-8c0d-4411be1e8fa6 Translation language is not active.

  • 756b1212-697c-468d-a9ad-50dd783bb169 Too many elements in a collection.

  • 491b2811-7e4d-49f7-adbe-a42622031f1c Language has to be passed when setting value for local scope Attribute.

  • 786446ad-32b8-40a9-9bb5-e5445196ffd5 Value is not unique for given attribute.


  • 4a9205b6-8f3c-4e85-960d-9835aaa1e9ab Attribute with given AttributeCode does not exist.

  • 62adb4f9-217d-4d9e-b117-0a30b4b33f3b Attribute with given AttributeCode exists already.

  • 25f77355-4443-4850-b8cd-7d3ec7ef5a7a Attribute already has Option with given OptionCode.

  • bc1a2fc6-4910-4e47-a3aa-1fdbcd2d364b Attribute does not contain Option with given OptionCode.

  • 50084892-e811-4358-820e-f005917f769b Attribute with given AttributeCode is not valid according to context.

  • 72e93c59-575a-4062-914b-5e143f2810f0 Attribute metadata limit exceeded.

  • ea5e8ce4-8ab7-442d-87ca-db500cad7be2 Attribute metadata payload keys duplicates.

  • 7cc10e50-3d49-43c6-a847-3b8363f9ed83 Invalid attribute scope.


  • 6d2e1555-7d1b-47a7-8d2d-47ea2e33bfe6 Category with given CategoryCode does not exist.

  • ef49c353-7fec-4f5a-beb7-47d392606a15 Category with given CategoryCode exists already.

  • b2943d95-24e6-4b0c-9f09-f86ea635d8cb Categories do not have Attribute enabled in configuration.

  • c18fa865-07a5-4fcb-a6af-8c44b5c643bd Attribute is used in Category as value.


  • d62579bf-6fde-4396-9f12-bc71d6394746 Multimedia exists already within MultimediaPath.

  • eabcf146-a4e7-425c-999f-9e04a6c8a988 Multimedia with given MultimediaPath does not exist.

  • 9670b62d-5db8-4de8-81bd-7d6119625df0 Multimedia file should be an image.

  • df8637af-d466-48c6-a59d-e7126250a654 Multimedia file uploaded is too large.

  • dd4722d6-9371-42a2-9c35-87b2a03009e7 Multimedia file uploaded extension is not supported.

  • 9465e18e-be76-46e8-ab9f-1db22426ab06 Multimedia file is corrupted and its extension does not match MIME type.

  • ef0dd12b-f075-4bbb-8535-4f299452cf30 Multimedia with the given extension in MultimediaName does not match the Multimedia file MIME type.

  • d64f83eb-32ae-48f6-a46d-ffa4fcba6ee3 MultimediaFolder with given MultimediaFolderPath does not exist.

  • 54c25a35-59da-4215-aa61-997bb80d303f MultimediaFolder with given MultimediaFolderPath exists already.


  • bb87ccb2-0433-40d9-976d-f4f388299840 Product relation cannot reference self.

  • a339fa44-2bf8-48df-84a5-ad83a4ba74be Product type is invalid.

  • 01b70d39-8e58-4406-a1c8-f63d84f29af6 Product with given Sku does not exist.

  • c63cc7a9-1298-4520-a5ad-6c0a9c478a00 Product with given Sku exists already.

  • 7e270f10-73b7-4b82-991f-80bda5bc70a3 VariableProduct needs to have bindings in order to add variants.

  • d3209a3d-23a5-4c53-bf6b-4b72cd42d376 Product cannot be added as a VariableProduct variant as do not have the required attributes.

  • 18b2cb49-313d-4251-96bd-e031351a95b8 VariableProduct has variants already and its binding attributes cannot be changed.

  • 3b96fc99-792e-4698-aee1-a3d95ad97b05 Product attribute value is a bond to VariableProduct and cannot be changed.

  • 0786e099-07ce-4b4e-bf92-d04442c130e5 Another Product is bonded to VariableProduct with the same set of value of binding attributes.

  • bfff5187-1ac6-45f8-8516-7d59ab030c09 Cannot remove attribute value as it's a binding attribute.

  • 6406a966-10e9-4096-abfd-bf6764909fd2 Product does not have given child.

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