Ergonode transfer
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Files format

Overview of the import and export files format
The entire format is represented as an .zip archive containing the following .csv files.
Only zip-archived files are processed properly in case of an import - a simple .csv file upload won't work.
The maximum file size is set to 250 MB.
Columns are separated using ","(comma) or ";"(semicolon) separator depending on the configuration.
Files have to be UTF-8 formatted.
Cell value needs to be escaped with the " sign if it contains a column separator. "sku1,sku2" - forcomma separator
"the ; sign is called semicolon" - for the semicolon
The files are placed in the zip archive as top-level entities. Those should not be placed in a subdirectory within the archive - an often mistake for MacOS users - when using right-click menu on a directory containing files and using the option Compress "directory" which does just that.
Below you can find an example of import data.
Please refer to a specific file description for more details.