Ergonode transfer
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Export configuration


allows identifying the export profile.

Include in the exports

a list of resources generated in the export.
following options are available:
  • Attributes - includes attributes.csv and custom_fields.csv
  • Categories - includes categories.csv
  • Category trees - includes category_trees.csv and category_tree_elements.csv
  • Category attributes - includes category_attributes.csv
  • Options - includes options.csv
  • Products - includes products.csv
  • Templates - includes templates.csv and templates_elements.csv
  • Sections - includes section_tempates.csv and section_templates_elements.csv
  • Multimedia - includes multimedia.csv
  • Multimedia folders - includes multimedia_folders.csv
  • Units - includes units.csv


limits the exported files to lines containing values only in specified languages.


determines what sign divides columns in the exported file.

Export type

works only within the context of products. Once you edit or add new products only those changes will appear in the export.


works only within the context of products. Only products available within chosen segment will be exported to products.csv file.

Behavior of variables

works only within the context of products. When textarea value contains variables those will be either exported as #attribute_code or as parsed value.