Ergonode docs
CSV format

Import configuration


allows identifying the import profile.


list of HTTP Headers to be sent by import while downloading Multimedia. For example, those can be used to authorize when requesting multimedia files via URL.


determines what sign divides columns in the imported file.

Include in the imports

a list of files participating in the import process. If a file is included in the import and missing in the ZIP archive the import is not started with an error message about the missing file. Only marked files will be processed and other archive files will be ignored.
following options are available:
  • Attributes - requires attributes.csv
  • Categories - requires categories.csv
  • Category trees - requires category_trees.csv and category_tree_elements.csv
  • Category attributes - requires category_attributes.csv
  • Options - requires options.csv
  • Products - requires products.csv
  • Templates - requires templates.csv and templates_elements.csv
  • Sections - requires section_tempates.csv and section_templates_elements.csv
  • Multimedia - requires multimedia.csv
  • Multimedia folders - requires multimedia_folders.csv
  • Units - requires units.csv