This doc provides an overview of Ergonode Apps framework.

Apps allow you to extend the user interface of Ergonode - thanks to them you can do more in one place which eventually makes handling your data and processes easier.

What's an App?

The App is a small custom web application (microservice) that resolves your business-specific problem.

It can generate a CSV file, integrate your data with an external eCommerce system, or even modify the data within Ergonoe to i.e. automate some of the data management processes.

The App communicates with Ergonode through its public application programming interfaces (APIs) - you don't modify Ergonode code itself but instead provide a separate web application that, together with your Ergonode instance, removes obstacles on your path.

Since the App is a standalone application you are not limited to any specific programming language - you can develop it in PHP, Java, Python, JavaScript, and many more.

It can be written by yourself, by an agency you work with, or you can use one of the native Apps provided by the Ergonode team itself.

How can I start with the development of my custom App?

Simply follow this documentation, or contact either one of our trusted partners or your development agency.

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